June 7, 2022

Join ACT 4 SA and the family of AJ Hernandez, 13-year-old killed by SAPD, for a rally and vigil in his honor

SAPD ignored protocols that could have saved AJ’s life, and we demand they tell the truth and take action NOW.


ACT 4 SA sends our deepest condolences as we stand with the family of AJ Hernandez, the 13-year-old child who was shot and killed by SAPD Friday morning. SAPD’s negligence and failure to respond appropriately took the life of a child — we demand accountability and justice NOW.  

SAPD’s callous actions have highlighted the need for even more changes to use of force policies. Either police knowingly shot at three juveniles in a moving car or they shot blindly into the vehicle, without taking the time to fully assess the situation and follow protocol. Their narrative that the child “purposefully” backed into a police vehicle is an attempt to mask the truth of a child who was scared of getting in trouble and in fear for his life. 

Clearly, the unspoken SAPD policy is “shoot first, ask questions later,” even when it’s a child. 

And after they shot him? Eyewitnesses reported that police officers treated the child as a suspect and not a victim they had just inflicted with a life-threatening wound. “Not so rough officer, I’m in pain,” were the words heard from the boy as the officers roughly handcuffed AJ and searched his body before an ambulance arrived. Police denied any sort of rough-handling.

SAPD’s narrative consistently does not match eyewitness reports. We demand answers, and we demand action.

Join ACT 4 SA and AJ’s family members this Thursday, June 9th at 3:30 PM in front of the Public Safety Headquarters (315 S. Santa Rosa) for a rally and vigil calling for answers, actions, and to set the narrative straight on who this sweet, young man really was.


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