Action Fund



ACT 4 SA Action Fund is dedicated to reimagining public safety and shrinking the carceral system (both policing and prisons). Through grassroots lobbying, we move community members and decision makers alike to take direct action in creating a more accountable, compassionate, and transparent public safety system that truly values justice and equity for all in San Antonio and across Bexar County.


Rationale: ACT 4 SA Action Fund believes that lobbying and legislative change must go along grassroots action for true reform. We cannot limit any avenues of change- therefore it is critical to be involved in the legislative process.

Upcoming Work


2023 SA Justice Charter Amendment Initiative

This omnibus criminal justice focused charter amendment would cover five initiatives all centered on reducing mass incarceration, pushing police accountability, and minimizing the over policing of marginalized communities:


Reducing Timeline for Release of SAPD Body Camera Footage

This includes pushing for stronger discipline for body camera infractions. Only 16% of officers who have body camera infractions have actually received suspensions in the past 3 years in San Antonio.


Amend Chapters 143 & 174 at the state legislature

Changes to these state local government codes at the state level will have widespread effects not just for San Antonio, but for any city that has adopted these chapters for their police.

Texas State


State legislation has a direct effect on local policy regarding public safety. Although the next state legislative sessions do not occur until January 2023 and January 2025, the work must begin months ahead of session. This includes identifying bills to either support or fight against, identifying and recruiting allies to our cause in the state legislature, and joining a coalition of organizations, stakeholders, and community members to fight alongside. ACT 4 SA Action Fund will work through grassroots and direct lobbying efforts to demand that the people in power act on the needs of the community, especially those communities that are overpoliced- such as our BIPOC communities.