We continue

The Fight for
Public safety

The people of San Antonio have spoken: we want a truly accountable, compassionate and transparent public safety system that works for everyone. We’re dedicated to just that.

Join us as we advocate for a fair, just and transparent public safety system for all.

Our Mission

ACT 4 SA empowers the San Antonio community through year-round base building, actions of solidarity, public education, policy, and advocacy. 

Our vision is to create accountable, compassionate, and transparent public safety that preserves and centers the health and well-being of our entire community without a reliance on police and prisons.

Our Values

Core Values - Accountability
Core Values - Compassion
Core Values - Transparency
Core Values - Empowerment

We are the only organization in San Antonio focused solely on fighting over-criminalization & over-policing.

Our goal is to expand the work of police accountability and abolitionist teachings throughout Bexar County, the municipalities surrounding it, and the state legislation that is affected as well.


Who We Are

ACT 4 SA is the leading grassroots criminal justice organization in San Antonio, with a strong focus on policing in our community.

Composed of former organizers and volunteers of the Prop B initiative, ACT 4 SA is here to answer the community’s calls for accountability through solidarity, education, activism, and advocacy.

Community Commitments


Trust Black & Indigenous Women

We aim to follow the grounded assessments, intuition, and guidance of Black & Indigenous women as a practice of trust.


Gender Justice

We must commit to equity for non-male, non-hetero, and non-cis people and protect them from harm, including being targeted by the criminal legal system.



We must not play into the politics of “othering” any other group of people but instead seek liberation for all oppressed people.


Movement Ecosystem

Three big, interdependent transformations must work together to achieve abolition: changing our relationships with ourselves and each other (personal transformation); Building enough people power to dismantle the politics, entrenched interests, and institutions of the criminal legal system (organizing); and creating new visions of our communities that have new norms, new institutions and new ways of responding to harm (building alternatives).


Communities of Reciprocity

We are reviving the concepts of communities built on deep connections and practices of giving, gratitude, and mutuality.

Help us keep up the work for accountable public safety.

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